Tackling publish wait time with sockets

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Hi All,

It would be very nice if the development process would go over Sockets. This will completely tackle the waste of time for publishing things. The changes over sockets could be a option and the current publish process could stay.

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Created on 3 Apr 2018
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I'm not sure what sockets fixes here?


Sockets should be seen as threads, I believe. Publishing in one or more separate threads should solve some issues where the screen freezes. 

Hi Justin and Remco,

I have explained it a little bit in my own words, but like Remco said with threads. If there would be a continuous connection between the server and the service studio what makes it possible to apply the changes directly in the development module on the server? This would be very nice I think.


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Hi Furkan,

Cheers for the feedback!

Just to clarify, you're proposing something to improve the speed of 1CP or something that mitigates eventual Service Studio lack of responsiveness while 1CP is taking place?