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Using modules from the Forge is great, but there are two caveats in using this.

1) Developed modules do not seperate UX from Logic

2) When a component is updated (and used) there is no active notification within the server. That means an application can use old code while new (better?) versions are available

3) When a new version is uploaded to the server, we have to manually update all references (For instance, new Silk UI library means opening every application to update). From a perspective of "Be aware what you do" I understand it, but when we know what we do, a general refresh would be nice and saves lots of hime

Created on 3 Apr
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Hey Patrick.

Latest versions of Service Center now have a publish all consumers that let's you achieve your 3rd point. Have you checked?

Hey Patrick,

Good news, some comments regarding the 3 ideas you referred:

1) In OutSystems we will have some news on this separation of UI and logic

2) This makes sense and it is duplicated with this idea: https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/1970/ Nevertheless, it makes sense and we are considering it for the near future

3) As Pedro Cardoso said, you can already do this with the latest Service Center versions

We will mark this idea as "Out of scope" since it includes either duplicated or already done ideas.

Keep sharing your feedback!

PS: Next time please consider creating different ideas for different topics ;)