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OutSystems created a what's new page to keep everybody aware of what is being released. That's great! But there's no way to be notified every time there is a new entry :( 

In my case, since I want to be aware and check every awesome stuff released, that would help me be updated.

My suggestion is to have an RSS feed or an email (you could use the daily community updates email). 

Thanks :)

Created on 3 Apr 2018
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Good idea António!

Loved the idea Antonio! 

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Please ;)

A simple RSS would indeed do the trick.

Great idea! +1

As a workaround, I was able to create an RSS Feed using: https://fetchrss.com/

Here is the RSS Feed URL: http://fetchrss.com/rss/5acb57208a93f8e4278b4567220251319.xml

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On our radar

Hello António,

Thank you so much for your idea. I’m marking this as “on our radar” since our users would benefit from this. Still no date for a delivery, but we’ll keep and eye on it.

Thanks again!


FYI - I personally use visualping.io (was changedetection.com) to monitor website changes and send me an email.

Hi @Ana, 

Is there already a date of delivery? The rss feed seems out of order now.

I really like to have the updates in my slack channel using rss

Best regards,