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Frequently its necessary to create rules for getting, creating, updating or deleting records so it would be nice to simplify this process. Maybe an option could be to automate services module creation, just like the Customers module in CRM Services. I think this should be done right clicking an Entity and selecting an option like "Create Service Module".

Created on 4 Apr 2018
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Hi Póvoa,

I would like to understand your idea. 

You would like to create on an entity and the platform would automatically create a new module that is the Service Module or Core Module for that entity? If this is what you are asking, there is a misconception there, that is the entity should be created on the Service module it self, so it would make much sense to create a new module with only the API actions.

Can you please elaborate a bit more.


Hi Fernando,

That's right, I know that the correct thing would be to create a "core module" or "service module" and define the entity inside it and make use of its api in the other modules, but it is common to create an entity in a module, and only later it is perceived that it will be used by other modules, which creates the need to separate it into a service module itself. My suggestion is to automate this process, so the entity would be automatically separated into a module itself, with all its API calls, including adding the extra actions that are normally created, such as "DeleteAll" and "Contact_DeleteAllContacts" and other actions that manipulate related entities, such as in the attached image.

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Hi Póvoa,

Yes the best practice is to have the core module representing a concept, could be only one entity or several.

In the case that you are explaining is a refactoring one, that most probably the user has already created some APIs. It would be hard for the systems to know which ones should be moved to the newly created service module or if this is not done automatically is going to take from the developer time to move code from one place to the other. 

We are doing some research on how to ease this work for the developer whenever the refactoring scenario is in place. Providing ways to move actions and Entities to any other module with minimum effort and risk free. Having the platform doing all the hard work in the background.

Thanks for your feedback