Serverless Application Environment


The idea is to add next to currently available containerized .Net and Java environments a

serverless environment while still keeping the open-standards requirement, and on-premise, hybrid deployment scenarios for enterprise customers.

For example the incubating Apache OpenWhisk project would allow OS's current enterprise customers become cloud-natives (without IaaS burden) and still prevent vendor lock-in from public cloud vendor on the F/PaaS level (aws, gcp, azure).

Another benefit is Multicloud support: enterprises are starting to require the possibility to deploy it's systems across multiple cloud vendors simultaneously and manage it as a single unified environment ...

Created on 7 Apr 2018
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So, the cloud/container provider  should provide a way to run outsystems code ? 

for example if Outsystems would generate lambda code as it generates java and .net code then one could deploy it to AWS without the underlying java or .net stack along with cubernetes and containers ... you would get horizontal scalability and you woudn't pay for under-utilized or idle containers ... just the code executed

if outsystems apps would run on something like Apache OpenWhisk it would prevent the vendor lock-in on the "FaaS" level and outsystems could offer it's own "microservice environment" regardless of the cloud provider and even hybrid cloud or on-prem scenarios

btw IBM is offering OpenWhisk on Bluemix

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