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It would be great if there was some way expose process events for entities in the (System) espace. 

At the moment, they're either hard-coded on or off, so you're fine if you need to start a process on the creation of a User entity, but if you wanted to do an automated code-review, for example, there's no way to start a process based on the create of a new Espace_Version record.

Created on 11 Apr
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Hi Jason Gravell,

Cheers for the feedback! Could you please clarify with an example or 2 of the use-cases you would like to see satisfied this way?

Sure. At the moment, my team has some best practice rules that we enforce on Outsystems using Outdoc to programmatically analyze newly published espaces. Every 5 minutes, a timer runs and checks for new espace versions, then runs our best practice rules on them. The ability to launch a process on the creation of a new Espace_Version just like you can launch a process on the creation of a User would be very useful.

I see, Jason Gravell. What would be the benefit, in your perspective, of moving from a "polling" approach to one where the process got triggered only when there is work to be done?