Parallel ForEach

By Justin James on 28 Apr 2010
I really need a parallel ForEach (similar to System.Threading.Tasks.Parallel.ForEach()! Right now, to do this trivial idea, I need to make an action in Integration Studio, but because .NET 4 is not supported, I need to use ThreadPool. Ugh.
Fernando Sousa11 May 2010

Why restrict the parallel processing to foreach?

If you have to call two or tree API's (SAP, CRM, etc.) in order to load screen info, or update to client information it would be nice to be able to call those API's at the same time.
Justin James11 May 2010
That's a useful thing to do as well, but it is not true "parallel processing", that's the asynchronus model. I agree, it should be in there, though.

J.20 Dec 2015
suddenly I want this :)