Revert back to older application version in LifeTime

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Hello Team,

Thank you for the new update in outystems, I saw now we can search espace in the lifetime while deployment and also we can see all applications & difference applications filters, which is very good functionality given by outsystems. I have an idea to make it more better and simple. I want outsystems to provide previous version deployment functionality in lifetime. For example - 

Let assume application name ABC had version 1.54 in dev and  1.50 in QA

If developer deploy version 1.54 from dev to QA but some thing went wrong or he want to revert back all the changes and make QA 1.50 again, then he can..

This is my Idea to make lifetime deployment more better and flexible to developers.

Created on 15 Apr
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Hello team,

Yes, this idea is very much needed. As sometimes we need to revert back the changes which are already deployed, but unable to revert the same using lifetime.

For example, if I have 3 servers and I am deploying modules from 2nd server to 3rd server. Later I realized there are some issues in 3rd server and it needs to revert back to older version.  In this case, this idea will help us. 

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Hi Rajat, 

Thanks for your recognition, the team appreciates it!

Thanks for sharing the idea, I will rename it so that we can better understand the content.


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On our radar


I’m marking this as “on our radar” since we think this is a good idea.

This isn’t currently on our roadmap but we’ll keep an eye here if this idea continues to grow and get comments from all of you.  

Hi Joao,

Thank you for your reply. It's really needed by all developers.


Rajat Agrawal

Hi Joao,

This idea is really good and it will help all of us. Please can you implement this because my Team also facing this issue.



This would be very useful, especially for change management. ie. if you deploy into production, and something goes wrong (perhaps because of a data issue you didn't expect in production), you can't easily rollback.

Right Nicolaas.. I agreed

it should be implemented ASAP, we are facing the same issue in the lifetime.

@Joao - Any update on this?