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Hi All,

It would be very usefull if there was a decision table function in Outsystems. At the moment as developers we must make "decision actions" or something like that. A decision table could also be very nice for the performance instead of a action. 

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Created on 19 Apr 2018
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how would that be implemented visually?

and what is the advantage over an switch-widget?

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Hi J.

I have used FlexRule a business rule engine in the past which also has a decision table. That was visually like a excel table. It was very easy to use and to maintain it instead of a switch. It would be very nice to have a decisiontable-widget in Outsystems 

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Not right now

Hi Furkan,

Like J. said that is an use case that we have currently covered in OutSystems language and right now, we are not exploring another options to do that.

Thank you and continue send us your ideas :)