Allow a linear code View/Edit mode in Actions 

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It would be great to be able to write small functions/Actions in linear code as this would be faster and easier to understand for larger functions than the Icon representation.


1. If -> (a=b or b=c), goto 2, goto 5  
2. Assign -> lines of assignment
3. RefreshQuery (p1,p2)
4. AjaxResfresh (widget)
5. End
Created on 8 Aug 2010
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9 Aug 2010
Well, why would Integration Studio would exist then?

9 Aug 2010
Integration Studio allows external code to be added to a project which requires running an external development environment.  This is great for large bits of code.  But what I am looking for is to view/edit Actions as code, even with the same constraints and language syntax allowed now. It is simply easier to write and modify code in a traditional view for larger pieces of logic.  This would mitigate the need to run an external environment where one loses many of the benefits of the Service Studio, 
11 Aug 2010
I disagree 100% with this.

You have to use Integration Studio for that.

I really don't see the advantage of this.

First: you got integration studio for this.
Second: why make it more specific? This is also bad for the maintenance something you try to aviod using OS.

19 Aug 2010
One advantage for this could be real time debug into extensions, without the need to have access to the server.

It would though be interesting to have the possibility to edit extensions code right from Service Studio, rather than having to open other app.

I would put this one together with the idea of making Integration and service studio just one big Studio ;-)
19 Aug 2010
Personally I feel that the merge of ServiceStudio and IntegrationStudio onto a single IDE is the right approach to solve this problem.

But I disagree with the idea of embedding code into an OS solution, OS is a compartimentalized development enviornment where the responsibility for native code should not be included except through the integration of external libraries and whatnot.

At most it could possibly provide a single standardized approach for the creation of STATIC methods in a C# environment for some specific transformations, but without unlocking the full potential of the native code development tools.
19 Aug 2010
I think my initial description of the idea was not very clear.

All I would really want is to be able to visualize and edit Action code in a linear (line by line) fashion.  For most cases the large icons representing code works fine.  But in some cases, like more advanced Actions it would be much easier to view the code inside the icons as code.  I am not suggesting being able to write native code.  The high-level C code used is fine.  Essentially what I am suggesting is allowing a new "view" for the code in Actions that flattens the icons into a sequence of lines that I can edit.  This would make writing advanced functions much quicker.
20 Aug 2010
Now that you cleared that I agree with your idea. It would be most useful if we could navigate through the expressions line by line and see their individual results in debug time.

(I hope I grasped your concept this time! ;-))
20 Aug 2010

before I click on "Like"

you actually want to be able to write "metacode" instead of dragging/dropping the actions??