Integrate Service Studio and Integration Studio in one Outsystems Studio.

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Currently you have to install three applications, Service Studio, Integration Studio and the Outsystems Platform.

On every Platform update, you also have to install the two Studio's.

It would be nice if the two Studio's can be integrated in one Studio. On opening an eSpace or Extension, the layout would change either to the Service Studio or the Integration Studio. This way we only have to install one Studio for every Platform version we are running.

We never have to double-check if the Integration Studio version is the same as the Service Studio version.

Created on 11 Aug 2010
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not suggesting a install wizard without the hazzle of SCInstall.bat, updatedevicedb.exe, SS, IS and PS etc. etc. :)

No, this is for all the developers.

There is only one person that will update the Outsystems platforms to newer versions, but there are several developers that have to install new versions of the Studio's.

We are currently running several Outsystems Platforms with different versions, which means that all the developers have different versions of the studio's installed and they have to install two new applications for every platform update.

When developing, they have to start the Service Studio or Integration Studio by hand, because on double-clicking the oml it will be opened in the last installed version. This means that there are a lot of icons on the desktop. This amount of icons will also reduce when there is only one application.
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I would love to be able to call my Actions from Service Studio in Integration Studio. This would allow me to reduce much of the code needed to be put in IS, and only use it for the weird nuts and bolts stuff that SS can't handle. For example, I could do multithreaded/parallel processing in IS using Actions defined in SS.


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