Provide an example eSpace focusing on EM integration and use of style guide and rich widgets

on 17 Nov 2009
OutSystems 5.0
Community Edition should be packed with an example eSpace, demonstrating (so, tutoring) integration with Enterprise Manager and how to make full use of all the potential of the style guide and rich widgets.

As a second option, provide this eSpace in the Downloads, with the Style Guide component, or even standalone.

Its absence can be a great drawback for newcomers.
Created on 14 Aug 2010
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19 Aug 2010
I'm pretty sure that there is one like that already.... Found it when going through the online training.
19 Aug 2010
Hi Ricardo,

I was almost sure there would be, but I meant I think it was important to pack it together with Community Edition, for instance. It is an essential element for starters.

By the way, could you post here the link of the example eSpace you were mentioning, please?

Thanks in advance!
20 Aug 2010
I'll try to get the link for it later today when I get to my home office :-)