Scalable CSS building

By Ricardo Camacho on 19 Aug 2010
Considering the inheritance between eSpaces (using them as references within other eSpaces) it might be useful to be able to define a CSS with multiple blocks from different eSpaces. (This might be more intuitive with the implementation of the Outsystems solution)
Rebecca Hall19 Aug 2010
I created a web block with just the css and included it on the pages where I wanted to share the css.  You can put it in a style espace and then reference it to share it across more than one.
Ricardo Camacho20 Aug 2010
Thanks for the workaround Rebecca, but my concern was mostly architectural. In terms of consistency as well as longevity it makes more sense for the platform to provide a closed environment control of the scalability of the CSS than to implement workarounds like that one.