On the Fly Change Tracker/Comments per Change

On our radar
This idea is still an infant and needs working. but following up on the Comment concept for change tracking/identification, could we not have a automatic popup asking for an optional comment every time we change an action(prior to publishing it), if we dont enter anything it publishes as usual, but whenever we do, it will be associated with the specific ITEM in the eSpace.

This would also be accessible manually by Selecting an item context menu and choosing AddComment, each item would store its own Comment History with Creation Date, Author.

Alongside this we would have a component just like TrueChange, which would display the history of the selected component on the fly as we work.
Created on 19 Aug 2010
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Not sure If I understand it correctly, but do you mean like http://www.outsystems.com/WisdomOfTheCrowds/IdeaComment_List.aspx?IdeaId=70 that,

or even when you change 1 action, a popup shows what you gonna change?
(I would hate that btw :P )

Not like that on both counts. :-D

My idea is the ability to add a comment for each item changing, not necessarily through a popup though. As I said it was stil an infant idea.

When you change an Action or Screen, the option to enter a comment to it specifically would allow for tracking all changes you made with specific purpose.

It wouldnt be a mandatory input though.

Some minor automated information could also be generated for the blank user input. (items positions changed/ new [action name] added to the flow], so on, so on.

Don't see the advantage then.

It will be only cumbersome imho. I rather have them to put in comment when publishing (aka comitting)
Not to mention, you can add notes to actions and screens anyways, so you can use that for tracking changes.

Notes on actions and screens are quite cumbersome to maintain. I believe that keeping an historical audit of information regarding all prior versions, embedded onto each item (and do remember its of optional use) in several scenarios can allow you to save alot of time trying to find out what happened to some code you wrote and someone merged ontop of it.