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Instead of having global structures I would like to see local structures in a webscreen.

Because they are only used locally and not in the espace all around.

This will keep the code clean and also prevent a long list of local variables.

Think of for example the filters... it's pointless to have them in the global structure tree, because chances are they are only used in one screen.

Created on 24 Aug 2010
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I have a similar request (but think yours is a logical extension of mine)

Allow Non-Global, hierarchical structure definitions.

Not only will  this help with Joost's request for local WebScreen locals but will also allow us to make sense of a problem we are having with importing webreferences.

When importing a webservice (from webreference) the tool is doing a great job of creating many, many structures - but these are all created in the global namespace.

This is causing two problems:

1. If two or more webservices have the same named data items (as is common when other tools have naming standards in their code) then we end up with structure names outCustomer, outCustomer2, outCustomer3 - and it is very hard to know which outCustomerX structure belongs to which Webservice call - so we are having to manually rename the structures to 'tag' them with a short code of the webservice (v. tedious!)

2. Once you have imported 10+ webservices you have literally hundreds of similarly named structures to scroll up and down trying to find the right one.  

Having hierarchical structures would allow us to have a tree view of  structures. 

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