Hide all in Entity Diagram

By André Ramos on 29 Apr 2010

The entity diagram could have an 'Hidde-all' context menu entry. It would be a nice to have when we have many entities and/or entity references in an eSpace.
ovatsus10 May 2010
There's an easy way to do this already.
Press Ctrl+A to select all and then press Del to remove all the selected entities from the diagram.
André Ramos10 May 2010
Oh OK... I'm still using 4.2 but I've seen that it's available in 5.0 now.
Manuel Dias11 May 2010
As Gustavo mentioned, this has been implemented in 5.0, plus a set of improvements on the Entitiy Diagram, as you can see below:

Paulo Tavares15 Jul 2010
Already Done.