The ListBox does not have view state

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The value from the ListBox is lost when a page is submitted because it doesn't have view state.
Created on 27 Aug 2010
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What is the idea you are suggesting?

(I probably can guess what you are suggesting, but perhaps it's a bug, not a new idea)

Well, if this 'bug' is documented in help, I suppose it is not actually a bug.

"Using Submit - The screen will be redrawn: This means that, the screen preparation is executed in the current context and afterwards, the whole screen is rendered, maintaining the values the end-user typed in the screen.
There are some exceptions to the behavior described above for the end-user typed values:"

"Input Filename widget, Input Password widget, and List Box widget do not keep their values after an End element."

I was thinking that listBox should behave more like select box, and not as fileinput.


So, the roughly feature will be

The listbox should behave like a selectbox
Currently in the version of Outsystems the listbox does not have a viewstate (see <insert link>) so the value is lost when a page is submitted.
I would suggest that a listbox DOES have a viewstate so that we can use it to our advantage because....

instead of your current feature

The listbox does not have view state
The value from the Listbox is lost when a page is submitted...

You understand why I ask questions? :)