Timers - more advanced schedules/triggers

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I would like to have the possibility to have more advanced schedules for timers, eg.

'run every 15 minutes on weekdays'

or run monthly (specify day and time) etc. etc.

It would also be cool if a timer would wake up on a trigger form the filesystem (changed folder contents for example) - this would avoid creating a polling timer for this.

The latter would be especially useful in processes
Created on 29 Apr 2010
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It would be great if the timers just created a Windows Scheduled Task, instead of having the timer checker run ever minute or second or whatever the current system seems to do.


It would be nice to "fix" the problem reported at the forum when calling the Wake action repeateddly.

Also, It would be great to have the ability to call a Wake action passing the Next_Run as an input parameter (e.g.: fun 5 minutes from now). If no parameter was passed, it would run immediately, as it does now.
You should use processes for more complex batch processing. It is so much simpler... Just queue the process sequences you need and forget about it :)
Hi all,

How easy it is to schedule/integrate jobs developed in outsystems  with other job schedulers like cron,control-M etc?

They are TOTALLY different systems, no integration that I can think of.

It's designed to coordinate within a server farm to ensure that only 1 server in the farm runs any given timer, for example.