TimeZone support for DateTime_PrettyFormat function

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I like the user friendly display of the DateTime_PrettyFormat function, however it's not useful if the date is not in the same timezone as the server time (which I believe defaults to UTC).

It would be great if the function could take another optional argument being a timezone offset and the Pretty Format would return the correct value in that given timezone.

Created on 20 Apr 2018
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We have had to build all of our own time zone functionality.  It's a big deal though because we have users globally.  Some of our users experience time travel on occasion.

Definitely!  Running off outSystemscloud server I always have to adjust UTC to local time with my own version of DateTime_PrettyFormat

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Hi Charles,

What are the main use cases (for instance, giving examples on your own applications) where you use the DateTime_PrettyFormat function and you see benefits in having a way to select the timezone?

Thanks for your contribution.  

We are a global company and when we use the function without specifying time zone ... it shows a future date/time to users in Asia (our servers are in Chicago)