Have different widgets for iOS and Android

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As there are lots of small and big differences in iOS and Android apps patterns and design guidelines it would be cool to have versions of some widgets for iOS and Android (dropdown for example). Currently it can be done with if's but it would be cool to have something like toggle between mobile and web interface for iOS and Android platform.

Created on 23 Apr 2018
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Hi Mykola,

Thanks for your idea!

Can you give me some examples of situations where you use different widgets/blocks for IOs and Android?

Our current vision for this is having a single set of widgets and blocks (+95% of the widgets are common). Then you should be able to use CSS to adapt them to a specific OS or eventually use one or two patterns specifically to that device.


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Not right now

Hi Mykola,

As Vasco said, our vision is to have a unique set of widgets that cover most of your use cases. Further customization can be achieved through CSS.

Although there are some differences between iOS and Android, we've yet to come to a extreme case where we cannot achieve our desired outcome (at least, we're not aware of it).

With this in mind, I'm marking this idea as "Not Right Now", but please, keep providing us examples where this doesn't solve your case so that we can reiterate on this.


Ricardo Alves