Service Studio like Visual Studio

Service Studio
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Make Service Studio work more like Visual Studio, 
-First start by merging all of Integration studio features into "Service Studio" 
-Service studio should be able to create and open solutions, solutions consist of multiple eSpaces, and Extensions.
-When a solution is opened eSpaces and extensions should be listed and displayed on the right side of the panel, in a tree view like manner, (the same view as in visual studio).
1 click publish button will publish the entire solution! The user should be able to specify which selected  eSpaces or extension, should be published or not.

By making the changes above, a developer does not need open multiple eSpaces, or extensions to work on a single project -- Everything is viewable on 1 screen, with 1 powerful application "Outsystems Service Studio".

Created on 31 Aug 2010
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5 Sep 2010
I'm pretty sure that all those ideas where already presented in other threads, some of them by me.