Compare and Merge Screens or Actions


Add an option to compare and merge two Screens, Actions etc. E.g. see the difference between two similar screens in the same fashion as the current compare and merge functions. E.g. OrderDetail and OrderDetailV2.

The purpose is to track changes or to merge a new feature developed in a copy of the screen or action

Created on 25 Apr 2018
Comments (3)

So you mean you make a second screen (in you example OrderDetailV2), which was a copy of OrderDetail screen and you've made differences in OrderDetailV2 which you want to merge into the OrderDetail screen?

You know you can merge with a local file? So you could save your eSpace locally (as V2) and make changes in that version and merge that local file with the current one. Don't know if this would already help?

Changed the category to Collaboration

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