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My coworker and I are working on the same application, but doing completely separate pages. We are both very conscious of each other's work and always tell each other when we make a new commit. However, when we upload code that we have to merge, the published version always crashes on the other's computer.

It's aggravating because we are working on two completely separate pages that have no overlap and yet it is very troublesome when merges are made.

I am proposing major fixes to how the merge button behaves.

I would also like to see some form of branching. For instance, I can work on my own branch and every time I wish to test it, I don't need to merge my changes. I want to be able to publish my work to my branch and later have the option to merge when my branch is complete.  However, I believe fixing the merge button should be a much bigger priority.

Created on 25 Apr 2018
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Hello Tim,

When servicestudio crashes it's a bug, certainly when you can reproduce it. If I'm correct you can send the error to support, else you could also open a support case (Support portal).

Kind regards,

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Yeah, this is a bug, and one that I haven't seen in a loooong time (perhaps you are on a very old version of 8.X or 9.0?).


Hello Tim,

If you submitted the "error" then it's with our engineers.

But may you tell the SS version you are using, please?



Sorry for the misunderstanding guys. By crash, I did not mean that Service Studio shuts down. I meant that the pages get messed up and do not appear as they did on the computer that published the commit. 

I am using the newest version of Service Studio (10.0.814.0).

Essentially what is happening is that I am making a change to a page (Page 1) and my coworker is making a change to a separate page (Page 2). These two pages are not dependent upon each other. However, when we click the merge changes button, the changes that are uploaded to Page 1 do not always appear on my coworker's screen after refreshing the browser. The same thing happens vice versa on my computer. One way we noticed this can be avoided is making very minor changes and merging those in the application. Or another way is closing out that application and reopening it to get the latest version. Then developing on that until the next person wishes to take over and making changes. They then would have to do the same thing and get the latest version of the application before making their changes.

We even noticed that a couple times after a merge, widgets may get thrown around an updated page in random locations. This happens in Service Studio only, but when rendered in the browser it appears as intended. This makes it harder for someone to develop on this page, because it is appearing one way in the browser and another way in Service Studio. In those cases, the Widget Tree has really come in handy!

I think the solution would be branching, for which there's another idea for it.


Branching would definitely be beneficial, however with branching you still need merge to work correctly.  Tim's post is about the merge feature itself.

Tim, are you still experiencing the issue?

Branching will only make the merging task bigger. Time is better spent in making the merge process smarter faster and more robust.