Add a new login action with no brute force mechanism to users

System Components

The login action in the users module contains a brute force protection (which is great). This mechanism can be adjusted (trough the users site properties) and also set off.

But if you want some kind of hybrid (a login that uses the brute force and a login that doesn't uses the brute force) this now isn't possible (only trough the user login action from the system but that gives a warning the users login should be used).

The case for this is when you have 'internal' services (rest with basic authentication) where you don't make use of the internal access (or can't) which are called to push or get a lot of data. With the 'normal' user login service to much  brute force logs are made which isn't needed. So the authentication for these service schould be done with a login action which doesn't has brute force.

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Created on 2 May 2018
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