Cancel Module Publish when Solution is publishing

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To prevent the solution publish from failing (concurrent module publishing); cancel the publishing module in ServiceStudio with an error.

Created on 3 May 2018
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Hi Matthias,

Cheers for the feedback! 

Can you tell me how frequently does this pattern arise for you and/or your team? Are there any common scenarios where this is particularly problematic? What is the impact when this happens?

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Hey Stoyan,

In our teams, with around 20 developers working in multiple projects at the same time, this happens at least once every 2 weeks. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it frustrating as hell!

If you're in 2 hours for a solution publish and someone "accidentally" pushes 1CP, that is 2 hours back in time, and not in the fun way :(

We try to communicate with everyone when a publish like this is happening, but it's not guaranteed that everyone gets the message...

I couldn't explain it better @Pedro Cardoso

Cheers for the clarification @Pedro!

@Matthias @Pedro if "uninterruptible solution publish" were to be part of the product, do you guys see this as the default behaviour, or something that people could opt-in? Does it even make sense, from your point of view, for a solution publish to be able to be interrupted by some concurrent publish operation (be it 1CP or another solution publish)?

I don't think it makes any sense for a 1CP to interrupt a solution publish. Usually a solution publish is part of a bigger operation like an upgrade for example, and having that interrupted is always a mistake, at least for what I've seen so far.