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It would be great if our personal environments could be linked to our enterprise cloud environment. We currently have 12 Outsystems developers and I encourage them all the use the personal environments for both their own projects and for experimentation. This means that sometimes they do some side work in the personal environment that they would like to bring back across to our main cloud environment but this is difficult with the restriction on transferring licences from personal to enterprise. By being able to link the two would allow our developers to “play” a lot more without polluting our main dev environment with unwanted stuff.

Also if a personal environment is linked to an enterprise one it would be great if it didn’t keep going to sleep. I know that having the environments running does cost Outsystems but when and organisation is paying around $200k or more a couple of few personal environments isn’t really all that mush and it helps us promote Outsystems not only to our internal staff but also the wider community.

Created on 7 May 2018
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There has always been a "Debug in Personal Environment", but you have never been able to tell what is there.

Debug in personal mode is ok when your just want to separate your work from others temporarily but doesn't work well for R&D, experimentation or semi personal projects that you may want to bring back into the rest later.  Currently we have over 5500 application objects in our dev environment versus 2000 in production which gives an idea of the scale of "unwanted" stuff in our dev environment. Technically it isn't a problem but all those extra objects, espaces and espace versions slows down our dev environment processes significantly and being able to move some of that to peoples personal environments would be a great help.

:) I just downloaded the latest service studio and this is done already :) 

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Opps, Please ignore above comment. Had the wrong idea open when I posted..