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I suggest to make avaliable an option to filter using a 'except'/'not' clause, on Service Center logs.

As today it is, we can filter most logs in Service Center by a lot of options, making it easy to track an app/espace/message while searching for something specific...

On the other hand, when you are doing the oposite, like looking through all messagens in search for something amiss or out of place, having the same app/espace appearing over and over again, makes things a lot more challenging... specially when you need to pass through pages of the same content...

Created on 8 May
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I'll add this: these screens need an entire re-write. The queries under the hood are awful, and timeout (after jamming up the database badly until the timeout) in any environment that sees a lot of serious activity.


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On our radar

Hi Mauricio,

Thank you for your idea. 

We are changing its status to "on our radar" since its a good idea. We don't have this on our roadmap, however, and aligned with Justin James feedback, we would like to improve the search in logs experience for sure. 

Feel free to share here your feedback regarding search in logs.

Thank you,

Joao Bento