Visual improvement of SilkUI's "IconBadge" Pattern

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Dear OutSystems Technical Support

This is an improvement request we wrote in # 2059169 of Support Cases.
About application made with "LisbonTheme"
Please include css when "IconBadge" is placed in the header.
"DublinTheme" and "LiverpoolTheme" contain css for the same operation.

The color of Badge is set to basic color of application.
Then, it can not distinguish from the background color of the header.
Badge's color should be automatically set to a color close to the complementary color of the basic color.

The height of the Badge will be the same height as the height of the header.
I want you to make it to the proper height.

I would like you to to improve this problem.
Thank you.

Mizuta Senya(BlueMeme)
Youko Ueda (BlueMeme)

Created on 10 May 2018
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On our radar

Hello BlueMeme team

Thank you for your suggestion. Will add it to our radar to be picked up as soon as possible.