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OutSystems provides a server action to generate a new Guid().

However when building an mobile app it cannot be use it when running the app offline.

Therefor a client action GetNewGuid() would be a nice addition, and way to stream line available functionallity on client and server.

Created on 12 May 2018
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Hi Daniël,

First of all thank for contribute with this idea!

Can you describe what are the application use cases where do you use or will use this GUID function?Are these GUID just for client side processing and storage or to pass to the server and store them like they were generated?


Hi Tiago,

Mobile App, Offline first.

User is allowed to create new records in local entity that needs to be synchronized to server.

Client requirement to generate GUID for new records. 

The current function is a server action.

We solved it with using a javascript lib we included, but would be nice to have more build in server actions to have a client action counterpart (like for list the are all simular).