See which screens, actions, entities, etc. have unpublished changes

Service Studio
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When you start editing a module the tab gets an asterisk (*) in front of the module name in Service Studio.

It would be nice if we could see an icon on a screen, action, entity, etc. indicating that that it has changes that are not published yet.

Now we have to do a compare to see what is changed, this take some time in larger modules. 

Created on 12 May 2018
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You could run a Compare; when you do that you can also see all changes of other developers.

In know, I did mention the compare in the last sentence. 

My idea is about to see what i myself did change since the last publish.

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Not right now

Hey Daniël,

Thanks for the idea!

Although this would be useful in some scenarios (and avoid having to compare modules), it would probably cluter the UI for most of the users, even when they don't need this information.

Because of this, we don't have plans to tackle this in the short term