Create a solution/OSP file programmatically

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For integration with third party build tools it would be nice to have a command line tool to create a solution programmatically.

In this scenario the build would included the following steps:

  • Create a osp file based on eSpaces (oml files or Espaces from an OutSystems environment)
  • Install the osp file by means of the osp tool
Created on 16 May 2018
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are you not able to achieve this by the lifetime-api?

Nope, only applications can be accessed by means of the lifetime api. Besides that I'd like to add OML files to a osp file. The lifetime api works on the OutSystems repository itself not on the filesystem.

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Hi Matthieu,

Thanks for submitting your idea!

Could you please elaborate your use case? Seems that you probably are expecting to download a solution, can you explain your scenario? 

Thank you,

Joao Bento

Hi Joao,

Thanks for your question. 

I work for a number of customers who want to leverage their investments in their current Oracle database. We use OutSystems for the UI part. The existing datamodel is accessed by means of external entities. Logic inside the Oracle database is either accessed by the OracleConnector plugin or by means of AdvancedSql. We'd like to promote the hybrid Oracle/Outsystems application to test, acceptance en ultimately to production. The Oracle part of the application cannot te released by means of LifeTime. However I'd like to have one build and deploy for the whole application. In this case I'd like to use standard build and deploy tools like Hudson/Jenkins/Bamboo for releasing my application.

My ideal scenario would be (for the OutSystems part):

  • Make an OSP file of the OutSystems application 
  • Deploy the OSP file to an environment by means of the OSP tool

The second step can be done and called by standard build and deploy tools. The first step however is not possible. So my idea is to have a webservice/commandline tool, which can make an OSP file out of the OutSystems database.

This scenario can also be used for continuous build, deploy and testing scenarios.

It would be even better if OutSystems could supply standard Ant or Maven tasks which can perform the steps above. These tasks can be called easily by the aforementioned build and deploy tools.

The philosophy of OutSystems seems to be now that everything should be done from OutSystems, but I think that with the growing popularity of the platform many customers will use OutSystems in a hybrid scenario (not necessarily only Oracle/OutSystems) and will benefit from such a solution.


Matthieu de Graaf

Hi Joao,

I have a similar requirement to that of Matthieu and interested to know when this feature would be available. 

To support this idea, is there anything that you would like me to do? 

Hi guys,

Sorry for the late reply.

You can orchestrate hybrid deployments by integrating Jenkins and the LifeTime Deployment APIs.


Note, Jenkins should orchestrate the OutSystems and the other technology deployments.

Let me know if this fits your purpose.


Joao Bento

Hi Joao,

Thanks for your response.  Your strategy is a (imho complex) solution to the problem. For us it wouldn't work because we are on the Java stack on linux, so the powershell part won't work. Besides that, many organisations have already a CI framework (not always Jenkins) in place and it will take considerable time to implement it in Bamboo or others tools. It would be a lot simpler to have a commandline tool to create an osp file  and make a standard shell script call to this tool. A Maven/Ant task, the industry standard would really be the cherry on top of the pudding.



Hi all,

I would like to add one more use-case for Matthieu's proposal:

I would like to have the option to create an .OSP via the API (automatically) because  I am using a 'code review' platform called Omnext which requires .OSP exports to analyze the quality of my app. It would be great if I could somehow automate this 'create a Solution (.OSP) and upload it' process using an API, hence being able to schedule my analyses etc. 

NOTE: I do not have any need for being able to deploy the .OSP or anything, I just want to be able to create an export and share it with Omnext via SFTP. 

Many thanks in advance!

Kind regards,