Better debugging for extensions

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Right now, debugging the code extensions seems to be impossible, unless I am missing something. This really needs to be improved somehow.

Created on 30 Apr 2010
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If you have the platform installed on your computer you can attach the Visual Studio debugger to the IIS process.
Good to know that! All the same, that needs to be improved so it is a smoother workflow. I've been using AP for a while now, and that was quite non-obvious to me.

Yes, it's not obvious and maybe not easily discoverable through the documentation.

And if you're working in more than one platform version at the same time, it's not reasonable to expect that you have different platform installations in your computer.

And besides the extension might not be runnable in a local machine for some reason or another, like for instance if it needs to be in a remote server to connect to a legacy system.

And it's not usual to find a visual studio installation in a development server.

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Inside SS, call Visual studio and debug the extension code.

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We must be able to debug an extension without having to attach it to the server's process instance.

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