Option to cancel generation of a mobile app in Native Platform tab.

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Generating mobile app in Native Platform Tab is a time consuming task, that takes several minutes. There is no option to cancel the process if one wants to, like one can do with 1-Click-Publish, or LiveTime deploy.

Created on 18 May 2018
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Not right now

Hi Daniël,

Thanks for the feedback. Nevertheless, I'd like to better understand why you need this. How many times has this occurred to you ( the need to cancel a build that is)? It's should not be an operation that is done very frequently, being usually made when staging the app to another environment, or when some of the following actions happen (more info here):

  • The application name was changed;
  • The entry module or its name was changed;
  • The application icon was replaced;
  • The main color of the application was changed;
  • Mobile plugins were modified, added or removed;
  • The configurations for a mobile platform was changed.

Kind regards,

Ricardo Alves