Do not show "Issues with Licensing" to users without permissions over the Licensing

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Hello everyone,

I see the "value" of displaying licensing issues to people who don't have access to licensing but can we have, at least, an option to turn it off?


EDIT: "Fix the license issue" is the obvious way to deal with this, but... :)

Created on 22 May
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Hey Armando,

But even if they don't have access to licensing, they can give a heads-up to someone that has. I think it's useful to have it in that situations.

Hi Armando,

Maybe a hide functionality would be nice. Something like "hide me for 5 days."

I agree with José Gomes, in some organizations if is not the developer to give the heads up, license will expire without further notice, and developers are the first ones facing the outdated licensing isssues.

Hello Daniel and José,

As stated on the "idea", I see the value of showing this information. But as Daniel suggests, an hide feature would be nice - even if temporary.

Cheers and thanks for the comments guys!

It also appears as a warning on every 1CP. Would be nice if it could be snoozed or turned off.

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