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Hello Outsystems,

I would like to be able to share my app with some other developers. (both with a Personal Environment)

In my instance this would be because I will no longer continue a certain app, whilst someone else that I showed it too, would love to.

With the current system i am not able to transfer the app, since we are both on Personal Environments. 

In order to share it, I would have to put it on the Forge, let him download it, and then delete the app from the Forge. The forge is not meant to be used this way, but there is currently no other way to do this.

I would propose being able to transfer an application, It would be fine (for me) if the first developer can't work on the project anymore.

Created on 23 May 2018
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Hi Tim,

You can download the app and they can import via menu Environment --> Open files...



Daniel -

The problem is IPP. You can't take an app from one PE and install it on another PE, unless you go through the Forge to remove IPP.

This is a very deliberate decision. I agree that I would LOVE to see PEs a little bit more flexible, but I understand why they are not.


Hi Justin,

Thanks for clarifying that, I though IPP was only for enterprise. My mistake.



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Like Justin mentioned, this is related to IPP. This is something will be looking into and reviewing in the mid-term.