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The Log Content flag on an email should continue to be a Boolean, but not a hard-coded one.  I like the idea of logging the email, but only for a certain amount of time or as result of an expression. Shouldn't make me publish a new version to change this behavior.


Created on 28 May 2018
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Agree with the idea of having the possibility to use a variable instead of a hard-coded flag.

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Hi João,

Thanks for your feedback.

In which use case you would log the email content but after a X period of time you don't want anymore that log? Is that in a scenario of new application and for the first couple of months you want a log?


Hi Fernando,

That scenario that you suggest is a valid one. The after go live of a functionality or application is a moment with more monitoring. When you are in a DevOps reality these type of agility is even more appreciated. 

An expression instead a direct yes/no option gives, imho, more agility. Imagine a scenario where the same email works as a template and renders different content depending on some ruling. You can apply that behavior also on the decision of logging the email.


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Not right now

Hi João,

I do understand your use case and makes, we are not sure what would be the best solution to tackle this use case. We will get some more feedback and keep an eye on this idea traction if it get high adoption we will include in the backlog for a future version.

Thanks for the feedback and please keep it coming.

Hi Fernado,

If you feel that can help, let’s schedule a session where we could brainstorm better this functionality.


Hi João,

Thanks for your availability, at this moment I would like to understand if the community see this idea as a good improvement or would be more hassle to have another configuration. 

I do understand your constraint of having to deploy to affect that hardcoded value. But unless we get some more votes on this idea we cannot give this idea a higher priority.

Regarding the final solution maybe could be a setting on Service Center, similar with what we have currently for integrations, where the user can choose to log detailed information regarding integrations (rest, soap, sap).


I also thought about that solution, but wouldn't fit on the "... as result of an expression." part.

However, that would be a huge improvement to the functionality.


Please implement this! It would mean the world for me :)

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On "Send Email" object allow the assignment of a boolean variable to property "Log Content". For test phase you might want to log content to check if is ok, but when stable you might want to disable log content to avoid store unneeded binaries on database.

That will allow the use of a site property to enable or disable the email log content.

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