[Wisdom of the Crowds] Add "Ideas of the day" to the dashboard

By João Pedro Abreu on 10 Sep 2010
This section should be small and showcase, every day, just a few ideas that aren't in the most liked, newest or most rising ideas. I think this would be useful because some ideas get pushed out of the new ideas list pretty fast without getting decent exposure.

I think it will be beter to random show the idea's on the dashboard, then also the older idea's will be shown.

Paulo Tavares16 Sep 2010
That's something we're looking into as well. Let's see what we can do about it.
J.17 Sep 2010

Well, if you have 400+ ideas within less than a year, then there is something wrong the toolset, or WotC is not going the way it was planned.
I'm thinking WotC is not going the way it was planned :)

I already PM'd Paulo about it, but why the heck not here as well.
Not sure if I should put it in the forums, but not all can view wotc?

How can we improve WotC so it works as intended ?
Issues now are
  1. too many ideas (I think a range of 50-100 should be ok)
  2. ideas are not being discussed, but just liked or not,
       that way we cannot improve the idea to a better idea.
  3. when you have an idea, checking for an existing idea is not done either because the refuse to search first, or not being able to find existing ideas.

I have some ideas, but you lot shoot first :)

+ 1 for Joost!