Access multi function in many eSpaces


I want to access a particular action or function that is in one eSpace but in another eSpace but within the same organization

ex. Access PRD data on DEV

Created on 30 May 2018
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Could you clarify it a better what you want to achieve?

Because at first glance what you suggest can already be done.

If you are saying you want to access data between your different environments then you can use the external database connections and extensions to do this. We use this to transfer system level config data from our dev to QA to prod environments

What i saw is, has two different development area open in same section, and when i go to "manage reference" i can open any action/screen/data in each project that I have access, the location that we could have access would be on the left side of the studio as shown in the image.

In case, can have a Expand Collapse or something like that to access different environment

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