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Hi guys!

I just reminded myself of something that could be very helpful.

Sometimes we open a lot of eSpaces at the same time, and some of this eSpaces open a popup that we need to click on a button to proceed.


  • when you open the Refresh References popup window 
  • when you open an eSpace named "Template_Something"

Since we are opening a lot of eSpaces, we change tabs and we don't understand that the eSpace has an action pending because there's no clear visual indicator of that. And sometimes we are waiting for the action to execute and while we don't click on the button they don't execute, we just stay still waiting and looking for the screen...

The idea is that we can have a change on the tab of the eSpace that needs an action, like we have on Google Chrome. The background of the tab blinking and changing colors or something like that.

Created on 30 May 2018
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Maybe a Nice to have.

Don't see any particular need on this.

Hi Nuno! 

It's not a "must". 

But if you are looking to your waiting for something to happen, and the platform is not going anywhere unless you click on something that you can't see, you can be staring at the screen "forever"... 

I think this can help a lot on our productivity because it's instant feedback/instant reaction.

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Hey Alexandre,

Thanks for the idea!

Currently we don't have short-term plans to tackle this but we will keep it as a possibility in the future.

Keep the ideas coming!