Aggregates become very slow to work with


As the number of entities and fields within an aggregate grows, editing the attributes within that aggregate (or doing just about anything else in there) becomes really slow - like 5-10s per action on a pretty rapid, well-resourced host.

Created on 3 Jun 2018
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Hi m9679

Thank you for your feedback.

Is that issue due to the Preview Data?


Possibly, but it's hard to tell.  The only way I know to turn off Preview Data is to put in some knowingly-wrong Test Values.  However the performance is still very slow when you do that, and it is hard to know whether that is because of round-trips to the DB to discover that the test values return no data.

Either way, it is very cumbersome to work with there large aggregates, and there is no clear/definitive way, as far as I am aware, to turn off the Preview Data.

Thanks for your feedback.

We will evaluate this issue internally and, hopefully, we find a way to ease this pain.

Thanks again.

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