Add a more detailed view to check Software Units

Not right now

Right now i need to trim some of the SUs on one of my espaces.

When i go check licencing >> software units i only see them by module.

It would be very good if we could see SUs like this:

Outsystems Tabs                                Software Units

+ModuleA                                                  xxx SUs

     + Processes                                           xxx SUs

          + Processes                                      xxx SUs

               processA                                      xxx SUs

               processB                                      xxx SUs

          - Timer                                               xxx SUs

               TimerA                                          xxx SUs

     + Interface                                             xxx SUs

          + FlowA                                             xxx SUs

               Screen/wB                                   xxx SUs

          - FlowB                                               xxx SUs

     + Logic                                                    xxx SUs

          FolderA                                              xxx SUs

          WS                                                       xxx SUs

     +Data                                                      xxx SUs

          EntitiesFolder                                  xxx SUs

          StructureFolder                              xxx SUs

          Resources                                         xxx SUs

This is just an example. It does not need to be so detailed.


Created on 7 Jun 2018
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Since SUs have been replaced by AOs many years ago (I know, a lot of long-term customers are still using SUs...), I won't be surprised if this never happens, but it would be useful.


@J.Ja, I think this is still useful for AOs. 

When I'm checking AO usage from service center, it would be helpful to know where are they being spent (Entities, Screens, etc).

If I need more detail, then I should continue the research within Service Studio.

Hi Carlos,

As mentioned by Justin we have moved from SUs to AOs in 2014. It may be worthwhile to discuss with your account manager the possibility of moving to a later pricing model so that you can take advantage of AOs.

The benefits of moving to AOs are:

  • They are simpler than SUs, as they refer to screens, API methods and tables rather than all the items that count as an SU.
  • They can be reused, so as you grow your factory each "thing" you can reuse is effectively free

Looking at your AOs per specific module may be misleading if you're reusing them.



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Not right now

Hi Carlos,

We have moved to AOs in 2014 as they have a couple of advantages over SUs:

  • They are simpler, referring to screens, tables and API methods rather than the several items that counted SUs
  • They can be reused so effectively as you build more and reuse more each feature you build becomes cheaper

This reuse capability means that looking at AOs per module may be a bit misleading, if you're reusing them.

Right now we are not looking into this but thank you for your idea!