Column Grouping + Aggregate Sorting

Aggregates & Queries


  1. Create a default list screen from an entity
    • A List is created with an aggregate
    • Sortable columns follow the name of the Entity + Attributes
  2. Add grouping to the List screen including totals of some of the columns
    • This requires you to update the values on the screen because of the change
    • The Sortable columns still retain Entity + Attributes

Since grouping gets added, the sortable columns don't get updated.  We have attempted to update the sorting based on the Executed SQL but it isn't working.  Users are getting an error about the sort column no longer included in the Group by.  We are having to consider changing it to an advanced query.


 It would be nice to have an update on the sortable column to

  1. Make it more intuitive on how to select which columns to sort on rather than having to go back to "advanced query" syntax.  Maybe a drop down?
  2. If you are grouping data in aggregate and there is a screen expression, have an auto-fix for expressions and column references on the screen.
Created on 8 Jun 2018
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have a dropdown column in details screen and in the list screen want to group it by the column for the dropdown