Static entity record automatic space removal

Not right now

When we're manually introducing static entity records, let's say to the MenuItem SE, and add spaces between words, they are automatically removed. That makes sense to the name of the record, but the spaces should be kept when used to the caption / label field.

If the developer writes the spaces, he supposedly wants to keep them.

Check out the attached screenshots for better comprehension.

 Static entity edition.png
Created on 12 Jun 2018
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I *think* I either reported this as a bug a million years ago, or saw an Idea about it, but it definitely needs to happen. This drives me UP A WALL.


Hi Justin,

+1 on the UP A WALL scenario. :)

I have assumed in the past that someone else had already reported this, but I couldn't find any info regarding this issue. That's why I've decided to create a new idea.

Feel free to remove it if it really is a duplicate.

Márcio Lima

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Changed the status to
Not right now

Hi Márcio,

Thanks for pointing that out, is something that we have already received some feedback about. We will keep an eye on how much traction this idea gathers and then plan the development if gets enough traction. Nevertheless we are aware that is somehow anoying.

Thanks for bringing that feedback to us.