[Service Center]  Being able to edit the solution description

By Evert van der Zalm on 15 Sep 2010

We use the description of the solution now to descripe what is done in the new solution (new features, bug-fixing etc). The solution is often made by one person who knows what he has done and not what the other developers have done.

So it would be great that the developers themselves could edit the description of a solution, after a solution is made. On this way the description can be entirely completed before it goes to production. It would also be handy when you just forget something or have a spelling mistake.
J.15 Sep 2010
Isn't it better to get the advantage of this IdeaId=70 and have an export of all the changes summerize in the solution or something like that?

On that note, don't like the idea of having developers being able to edit a solution-description, because then they can alter stuff you actually don't want. even if it's a simple typo-fix

I know there was a simulair idea (don't like the search function of the WotC, what I do I just can't find it), only thougt that was more concentrated on automatich change comments.

I think this would be much easier to developed, so maybe a tempory solution till it's automaticly done?

You do have a good point that not developers can edit it. Maybe set a permission on the edit function. Then the description can still be edited afterwards.