Add "remember login" to the select server dialog

By Matthias Preuter on 16 Sep 2010
Add remember login to the dialog of select server in Service Studio and Integration Studio, or maybe even an option to Auto-connect on startup.

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Matthias Preuter
J.17 Sep 2010
I'm not sure if I like it :)

1. it's not that of a burden, unless you close SS very 5 minutes.

2. if they decide to use the solution as a base, so you can have multiple espaces in 1 SS, the remember login would really become obsolete. because you really have to fill it in 1 time.

3. Give us Integrated Authentication with IS/SS.... why do we have to create new users/roles while we work in, most probably, an LDAP environment. We develope web applications where we can use Integrated Authentication, yet with SS/IS we cannot.... isn't that weird? :)

Matthias Preuter17 Sep 2010

Agree Integrated Authenticaton is a better sollution!
Rebecca Hall17 Sep 2010
We would probably also need the ability to lock the screen.
Pedro Oliveira27 May 2011
With 6.0, Service Studio automatically logins to the last server it was connected to.