View Data - Add configurable number of rows returned in Service Studio preferences

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Similar to how you can go under Edit > Preferences in Service Studio to configure the amount of returned rows when executing a test query.

I would like to also be able to configure the amount of rows returns when using the 'View Data' option on a table.

Created on 13 Jun
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Even better: show this in the "View Data" itself, so you don't need to go through a million clicks to get to it, and have it be for just that "View Data" window.


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Hi Justin,

Thank for this feedback.

Do you think the value you configure on Edit > Preferences should be reflected on Advance Queries and Aggregates? Also that value should be able to be editable for each Advance Query and Aggregate on the fly?


Yes, and yes! :)


Both would be great additions.

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On our radar

Thanks for your feedback is something that are looking at it. It's on our radar at the moment and will try to include on a future version.

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