Service Studio Bug: Object data type not showing up in type editor


In Service Studio, version 10.0.810.0 onwards, there is a bug that prevents the user from setting the data type of an input parameter, output parameter or local variable of a server action to Object. In the type editor, the one that opens by double clicking the Data Type property of the parameter or variable in question, the Object data type is not available under the Basic Types. 

If one fills in Object in the search box, we also get the message "No items matching 'object'".

Nonetheless, it is possible to set the Data Type of a parameter or variable of a server action to Object. The only way to do so is to type 'o' on the Data Type property field or by opening the combo box and select the Object data type.

My suggestion would be to let the Object data type show up in the type editor between the Binary Data and Currency data types as it isn the case when the user uses the Data Type property's combo box.

Created on 13 Jun 2018
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