Ability to List Static Entity Records in Entity Diagrams

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Considering the platform knows all all of the possible items that you have set for a Static entity, it would be nice to be able to list these options inside of the Static Entity or next to it in a Entity Diagram, to be able to easily communicate the different options that static entity represents.

Created on 16 Jun 2018
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Should it always be there or an right mouse click, show static attributes?

I was thinking it would be optional, something you could check to get it to show.

I would also preffer to have it that way so +1

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Hi Jordan,

There is already the functionality to "View Data" when you right click on a entity/static entity on a diagram or on the database tab. Do you think this feature does not fulfill your use case?

View Data has nothing to do with the Entity Diagram view. Look at the image I have attached. I am talking about an easy way to include this list in the entity diagrams, which I use as Documentation for my database models. 

Have to agree with Jordan here. the diagram is for the overview, not to 'view data'.

I see the use case, just to be clarify the use case:

You are using screenshots of the entity diagram on your documentation and on those diagrams should be reflected not just the data model it self but also the values of a static entities.

Exactly. The entity Diagrams are great to show the relationship between all your entities. But the truth is the structure of Static Entities isn't what's important to represent. It would be nice to show what options that static entity stands for.

And screenshot, or you can simply "Export [Entity Diagram Name] to Image..." which gets it done as well.

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Not right now

Hi Jordan,

I understand the documentation use case, which is one that we have covered with a tool that you can download from the forge, OutDoc. I'm not sure if you know this tool basically introspects the code and retrieve all the details from the code it self.

You have entity details and the values of static entities:

I can understand that this may defeat your expectactions regarding the look&feel and the way you are expecting to have all the information in one screen.

We don't have anything on our plan to add this feature to the Entity Diagram for the moment. We will keep tracking the community adoption of this idea. 

We really appreciate the feedback, thank you for getting the time to come to us exposing your ideas.