Notification of new published version in service studio or auto download


If New version has published in server let notify on service studio.

or better auto download of new version into system.

Created on 18 Jun 2018
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Hi Amin,

I agree with Notify on Service Studio but not to auto download.

Imagine that you are working on some changes and you get that auto download. It could mess up your changes and make you lose time. That "auto download" should happen on merge.

Abílio Matos

As far as I am aware Service Studio already informs you of a newly available version. It might not be immediately after the release is made available, but it is there.

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i would correct phrase Auto download with merging option.

Yes, when we are publishing or can check manually , but  Would be better if there is Notification center for changes or published we can have it in service studio.