Use wildcard in If or Switch widget in a Web Screen


My idea is to allow the use of Wildcards (%) in If and Switch widgets in a Web Screen.
I haven't found a way or found any documentation on using a wildcard in an If widget or a Switch widget inside a Web Screen. I can iterate through an uploaded text file by converting binary to text, but I need a way to find the lines I need to create a record. Certain parts of the line are always the same, but the rest of it isn't, including the position of the common parts. I need a wildcard search for the common part of the line and there isn't a simple way of doing this that I have found.

Created on 19 Jun 2018
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Hi Lucas,

You can do that by using the build in function "Index" which will return the position of the string that you are searching and -1 if the text was not found.


Let me know if this fulfill your use case.

As a suggestion, please do not combine unrelated ideas into one. In this case, you have using wildcards in conditions for If/Switch, and having a Switch widget on screen. If you had created two separate Ideas, I could merge the Switch widget Idea with the others out there and have your vote count towards those, while letting the wildcard Idea stand apart. :(


This was a single idea, perhaps I didn't explain it correctly. I was just talking about when you use an If widget or a Switch widget in a web screen, the ability to use a Wildcard in either of them would be helpful.

But... there is no Switch widget for a screen?


You can use a Switch widget in a Web Screen.

You can use a Switch widget in a screen action. You cannot use it on the screen. There are a number of ideas to be able to use a Switch widget on the screen, which is what I thought you were asking for.


Thank you for clarifying something that I had assumed everyone would already know from my post without going into great detail, but apparently I was incorrect in my assumption.

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